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Build a Healthy and Comfortable Bathroom's

Do you want or perhaps are building a bathroom? What first comes to mind when you want to build or renovate a bathroom? The first, and absolute, is the guarantees of privacy and health. Construction of the bathroom had to be sturdy. Second, the comfort when you're in it. Third, access to the bathroom it must be easily accessible by all residents.

These are basic common criteria. There are still some additional measures, such as what devices are used in the bathroom, air traffic systems, floor and wall patterns, colors bathroom, accessories, and so on. In order for your bathroom comfortable and safe, there are several things to note:

1. Make sure the air circulation in the bathroom is fine, so it is not trapped inside. In addition, the ventilation should be directed to the bathroom outside the room (avoid the room).

2. For accessories, choose the more captivating. For doors and glass in the bathroom, choose a higher quality. Options on quality in the end will make you satisfied because the jamb and the door leaves are not easily eaten by termites. Glass is also very varied and not broken.
3. Place two flowers or perfume at the corner of the bathroom I'll appear fresh atmosphere.

4. For a small bathroom, the light used should be bright enough to give a clean impression. As for the bathroom a more spacious, the lighting can be adjusted with the desire.
5. Use the tiles to the walls with a smooth surface, so easy to clean and does not capture the dirt. While ceramics for over rough floors. Avoid using dark colors to avoid the rough and dirty and dark impression.

6. For the safety of elderly and young children, you should install railings or handles near the shower.

7. Note the slope of the bathroom floor, a minimum of 2 percent toward the drain (floor drain), so that no stagnant water in the bathroom.

8. Avoid using too often use acidic materials to clean the bathroom floor for the sake of environmental sustainability.

If some additional criteria are met, it seems you can have a comfortable bathroom.

Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

Design Rooms for Children and Teenagers

rooms for children and teenagers can be very exciting because a wider color palette and more animated.

Design ideas interior rooms of Mazzali company, modern Italian and lives with color and interesting pieces of furniture. The photo above shows the use of a very clever on the wall, area rug that looks like spilled red paint, and the varied yet cohesive color palette used on the cabinets.

The photo above shows the contrast of colors used with shades shown by gray and vibrant splashes of orange.

-term studies are very useful for students to design a very simple but solid. This is consistent with the theme of a more quiet but relaxed from the design room. Ideas of modern interior design like this room could be more fitting for adolescents than younger children.

This room, in the photo above has a brighter color palette with different shades of purple and brown, but light gives a soft and warm. Attractive design of the cabinet door fits perfectly with the color palette and atmosphere of the room, with an area rug that is soft and comfortable chairs in the room arrangements.

The Oprah's Exterior and Interior Design

This is Oprah's mansion with the exterior design and interior decorating ideas modern bedroom exceptional and could be the perfect inspiration for you.

Oprah could give us some of the best tips and tricks to make the house with the old design to be great even become a luxurious home decor.

This beach house is located in Hawaii, and named Oprah's Hearst Castle. Luxury home property covers approximately forty-two acres and the residence itself has a total area of ​​23,000 square meters.

It has six comfortable bedrooms and modern bathroom fourteen. A number of improvements to the house Oprah has done since purchasing the home in 2001 including a large home theater installations and comfortable, build a man-made lake with rare fish and have the Montecito handmade bricks laid in a quarter-mile in front of the house.

Oprah also use a cabinet the size of a regular master bedroom, for Stedman to keep her clothes collection.

Senin, 11 Juli 2011

The Furniture For Modern Minimalist Houses

Modern-style home is growing rapidly, supported by the modern lifestyle of our society. This modern lifestyle impact, among others, the processing style of residential architecture.

Modern meaning is "the latest, cutting-edge". So that when applied to architecture, especially residential means more or less become, a house style or the latest cutting-edge too. Characteristic of this style is the building with clarity and honesty of design, especially in the use of building materials such as the use of rock exposure or finishing without a painted wall.

Modern architectural styles can still be subdivided into several flow design styles, such as natural modern, modern, minimalist, modern chic and others. Each has a specific design rules. However, the discussion this time, we limit the discussion only in a minimalist modern architecture alone.

Minimalist design is the flow of modern design style that is very functional and no room on the form of ornamentation or decoration at all, with reference to the principle less is more and form follow function. Even the shape of the building and remodeling plans is very minimalist and simple.

And what about the interior and furniture that make up the atmosphere the interior?

Of course, should be adjusted with the minimalist style of the building. It would be very uncomfortable to the eye, when the two are not aligned. Modern minimalist style house would have to be supported by a minimalist interior and furniture as well. Interior and furniture minimalist means also refers to the principle less is more and form follow function.

Here are some examples of interior design and furniture that adopts a minimalist modern design. You certainly do not have to exactly follow what is in the photo, but you can definitely see that there are principles to construct this modern minimalist ambience.

For the minimalist sleeping space, you can choose the geometric shapes are simple, not too much arch or curve. Choose a bed or a bed with a headboard that is simple, or if you want a little decoration to give tone to the room, choose a headboard that has a geometric ornaments that are not too complicated. For a side table and wardrobe, you can also choose items that are in harmony with geometric beds. For reading lights or side lights, you can use a lamp with standard forms are circulating in the market. Choose a simple shape.

Modern minimalist design style can also be applied in the bathroom. Washtafel shaped rectangular or square, is very representative of this design style. To complete it, you only need to provide a mirror which is also rectangular or rectangular-shaped. If you wish, you can also put some fruit cabinet or closet for storing towels or other bathroom equipment.

The dining room
does not mean minimalist dining room of a flat with furniture-furniture that is monotonous. You can put the furniture that is diverse but must still have a common thread to each other. Add a simple garnish here and there, such as vases and frescoes (wall art). Choose a chandelier with lamps that have a warm light that is suitable for adding mood when the meal is underway. Do not forget to add a carpet or rug beneath the dining area. Choose the carpet too simple, not too many colors. If you want a variety, perhaps you could consider the carpets with the games texture but still in the same color. Choose a closet or cabinet is also simple, note its handle, because usually that makes a closet or cabinet is not simple anymore is his handle.

Small Space Furniture: For Small Houses

Want to add to the bedroom, or boudoir, but space is limited, and fund the renovation has not been sufficient, it can be siasati by choosing the right furniture, a multifunctional Choose furniture that does not take up much space in your home.

Like this..!

Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

The Art Deco House Interior design and Modern Minimalism

To make it look mismatched and unsightly, setting up a home should be aligned with the interior facade of the building. If it seems his face put on art deco, the Interior is also not run Setup from that style. Similarly to the minimalist house model, its interior was designed with a harmonious style. Although in its application, it is not round-round wearing both styles.
The Art Deco House Interior design

Modern Minimalism

For interior living room, the application of the art deco style that many wearing ornaments round, boxes, or other geometric shapes, simply made an accent only. For example, only used for TV cabinets or other display cabinets.
While other furniture such as desks and chairs, selected simple model and color cocoa brown finishing. wear (dark brown). If necessary, are given an accent color to black to make it look more luxurious.

While, if wearing a minimalist concept, because everything is created at a minimum, so that the Department is not empty space needs to be given a little impressed the accent. For example, there is one table or chair a traditional design.
The Material can also be used for other accents, such as handicrafts items like sculpture (statue), sculpture, and other accessories that are retrieved when visiting the area or the travelled abroad.
Living room, to house the art deco or minimalist model, it would be more suitable to wear the brown color of the game and the wood fibers.
In addition, people are also much like wooden nyantoh, because seratnya straight-straight, or mahogany color somewhat pinkish. While the furniturenya models also selected the simple, do not use ukir-ukiran or profile.
While in the bedroom, a bedroom wall is also recommended to wear bright colors, minimalistic. If given a accent, usually to the wall behind the headboard of the bed. While when using wallpaper, foliage motifs, selectable anyam-woven bamboo, and so on.
Model bed is also made simple furniture, similar to Japan. Created short with cots straight leg wear. To that end, in order to look fancy, head-board bed need to be coated with a material made of wood or corrugated skin.